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Prudence is a virtue and for darn good reason: it encourages a pause for reflection, to integrate knowledge, to make a thoughtful decision. Hesitation, however, implies self-doubt, something I strive to run far from.  Being reckless is not an attractive trait by any means, but too much waiting around limits your options and therefore your timeline for success.

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Effort and Ease

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“Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have. The next step is making connections between how you want to feel and how to actually create those feelings in your life” (Danielle Laporte). Intentionally, I chose to find ease in 2017 by taking the path of least resistance; utilizing the natural gifts and passions that I have to drive my actions.   Imitation preceded creation in my first few seasons of real estate. Instead of finding success their way, I found it my way.